The best Food for a baby menu 16 months prescription

Now you have entered the age of the child 16 months, many development and growth that is increasingly felt on your child. Even you never cease to marvel at the development and growth of your child at any time. Even the process of the development and growth of the child can be an indicator as to the child's health.

What about the development of a baby at the age of 16 months?

At the age of 16 months, entering children in motor development of rough's been able to walk, it even can adjust with the pedestal when walking. Your children are able to walk backwards. then run and also climbed the ladder.

L.a.p.d. fine motor development of your child at the age of 16 months with the ability that is associated with a more subtle hand motions such as already pandao compiled the tower and beam with neat, even your children can already make the line even though it has not been so neatly by using stationery.
No less admirable is the development of language and also talk to your child. When age 16 months, your child can already give at least 6 words. This capability will be increasingly well trained when you provide stimulation. You can tell the book dogeng or encouraged him to talk to train its communication capabilities.

Neither the social advances that occur in children at the age of 16 months, where children at this age can already use tableware such as spoons, glasses, garfu and also help homework so it is so visible that your child has a developmental social growing from day to day.

What about the growth of a baby at the age of 16 months?

In General that the growth of the brain will undergo rapid development, which is around 70% in the first 2 years of age. It is in this period that caused the children would be easier to give stimulation to stimulate the growth of a more optimal.

Whereas if viewed from the circle head that grow by convey where annually increase by 2 cm each year, then the weight reached age 16 months in which the average on a baby boy have weight 11.5 kg while for women has an average body weight of 10.5-11 kg. Neither the average high on baby boy 80 cm to 78 cm baby girl.

What about Health for infants Aged 4 months?

at the age of 16 months, one suggested by organisasai pediatrician in Indonesia is to do vaccine Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) (if it is not yet at the age of 15 months). One of them is to do a pecegahan for a lung infection, inflammation of the membranes of the brain and also a throat infection. Even some other vaccine-related chicken pox vaccine, influenza vaccine, and when the baby has not been made the vaccine by age before.

At the time of the age of 16 months, a condition that is often cause for concern is where the occurrence of infections associated with respiratory and digestive disorders. Preventive actions that can be performed include avoiding exposure to harmful substances and associated with cigarette smoke and also the population of the air.

In addition there is still a lot of prevention can be done by providing a complete immunization, provide BREAST MILK to children up to the age of 2 years and then also by avoiding contact with patients who have infectious diseases. Even that is not less important is to do with hand hygiene hand washing habits familiarize with the use of SOAP.

What about nutrition for children aged 16 months?

The nutrients needed by children ages 16 months of which is by the giving of solids containing a balanced nutrition. First, at the age of 16 months, the child can already could indicate a desire or taste in accordance with his pleasure.

For those of you who observe the child's appetite at the age of 16 months, which must diperhatian is a process of growth and development. So when ana misbehaving in appetite can be offset by giving small portions but more often, giving great meal three times a day combined with giving snack 2-3 times on the eve of the day and ahead of the dinner.

At the age of 16 months there is no prohibition to provide special food especially food for family members. Just look at the ingredients and selected food kehigenisan unntuk children aged 16 months. Avoid giving the food too sweet and contains MSG too often because it will interfere with his health.

In children aged 16 months, giving low-fat milk should be avoided. This is due to the condition of the children at this age are more in need of a high-fat milk with masimal as much as 2 glasses per day. L.a.p.d. awarding with soda, avoid fizzy drinks as it will interfere with the digestion of the child who is still not as strong as an adult.

As for the food, there is no screening of peru just to watch every annggota family have a history of allergies are different so it requires special attention to some specific types of food when has history of allergy.
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