Healing Power of Mind for the soul

In 1971, Dr. o. Carl Simonton, a radiology expert doctors from the University of Texas, met with a man aged 61 years old who suffered from diseases of throat cancer. The disease is already highly developed; the patient practically could not swallow, and his weight dropped reaches 49 kilograms.

Not only the prognosis was so bad — the doctors had predicted that although the treatment, the chances of the patient’s healing less than five percent. The patient's condition is very weak, so that the healing possibility won't react well to radiation therapy, which is the basic on that condition. Because of the desperate and driven a great curiosity to apply the approach of psychology, Dr. Simonton advised the patient to improve radiation therapy coupled with the concept of the visualization. The patient is taught to imagine his cancer disease as clearly as possible. Then, using the appropriate mental picture for him, the patient also asked to imagine the immune system of the body, the white blood cells that attacked on her body and drove out the cancer cells from her body, and just leave the healthy cells.

The man said that he imagined the immune cells as flashes of white particles that wrap the tumour as a snow grain that buries a black stone. Dr. Simonton sent it back and asked him to repeat the picture from time to time throughout the day. The man agrees. After some time, the tumour seems to shrink the lump and within a few weeks the tumour was actually shrinking, and the man's reaction to the treatment with radiation can run almost without causing side effects. After two months, the tumour in his body disappeared.

The above story is real evidence about healing with the power of thought. Meditation is a technique to strengthen mind.

Coaching of meditation regularly Health will provide many benefits for us; train your mind in harmony so that the stronger, healthy body, heal the sick in body, and provides calmness in the face of this life.

The power of the human mind to determine the power himself. Adage reveals that the man is as he thought. When he's good and positive thinking, then the good and positive things will happen in life.

She or he will be happier, enjoy and comfortable in her life. Conversely a negative thoughts will make him suffer, and uncomfortable in her life. Therefore this positive thoughts should always tighten up and planting in the soul. To be strong, the mind must always be given food and stimuli. Like a muscle, the mind will be stronger when we continue to rehearse, rehearse and rehearse. We should always train this positive way of thinking, by providing suggestions and strengthening the positive thoughts that we want.

The mind also become strong when always think, increasing new knowledge and challenging your minds with mind sports like answering questions, find solutions to problems, give healthy food for brain and mind, train your concentration, exercise, calming music and so on.

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