8 Tips on How to Maintain Eye Health to old age

Did you know that the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that there are about 180 million people in the world who has a impaired vision, and about 40-45 millions of whom are blind? At least 7 million people in the world become blind each year. Tragically, as many as 80% of cases of blindness and vision loss serious actually could have been avoided.

The eye is the Very Important organ of our BODY. By having eyes, You can enjoy the beautiful World. That is why, it is quite important for Us to keep your eyes healthy. We should always keep maintaining eye health to avoid various eye diseases.

Lots of eye diseases that can strike at any time. As someone who read books very often, playing games for long duration, etc. All of that can affect myopia.

Eye disease that is familiar as myopia or nearsighted, or farsighted, hipermetropi, presbiopi or not be able to see near and far objects, cataracts, color blindness, unable to differenciate the variety of  colours. There are many things you should do to keep your eyes healthy and to avoid the eye disease. Here are some tips on how to maintain the eye health.

How To Maintain Your Eye Health


1.Family history of the eye health
Talk to Your family members, especially your parents. Do your parents have the diagnosis of decent eye disease. By doing this you are able to determine whether you are at high risk of eye disease or not.

2.Keep visibility
Keep your visibility when it is in a computer or TV monitor. The ideal watching distance of about 50-100centimeters, as well as when reading.The ideal distance when reading is about 30cm. It is intended to be able to avoid myopia or far sighted.

3.Avoid the habit of rub your eyes
Do not rub your eyes often when You feel itchy as your hands are dirty after holding an object can infect organs that cause serious harm to the health of eye. 

4.Rest your eyes
Do not enforce the eye to linger or read a book in front of a computer monitor. If you take too long watching, the eyes could hurt. Rest your eyes for a few minutes instead.

5.Eating foods containing vitamin A
Eat foods such as carrots are containing vitamin A. It is because carrots contain vitamin A and beta carotene which serves to maintain the health of your eyes.

6.Wear eye protection
Try to wear eye protection in a variety of activities such as when driving, sports, and so on. Many glasses designed specifically for the sport to avoid injury to the eyes and to avoid dust.

7. Check your eyes
Check your eyes on a regular basis in order to avoid the diseases that strike the eye at any time.

8.Stop smoking
For the smoker, try to stop the habit of smoking from now on. This is because, it can potentially experience a number of eye diseases like cataracts and ham to the optic nerve in the eye.
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