Why the number 13 Considered Unlucky Figure ?

Throughout the world there are various beliefs, myths, and legends, which are countless. For the Rationalist beliefs, the elderly people should take off in line with the modernization that penetrated the entire side of human life. However, it is happened? It didn't.

In the order of modern society, these superstitious beliefs turned out to be still exist and even grow and pervasive in many facets of life of the people. These beliefs are even involved colouring the city architectural and building skyscrapers.

As a small example, in various tall buildings in China, there is no such thing as the 13th and 14th floors. According to their beliefs, the two numbers are not bearing hockey. In the West territory, 13 is considered as unlucky numbers as well. Similarly, in different parts of the world. If we look at the numbers in the lift world of tall buildings, you will not encounter a 13th floor. Usually, after the numbers 12 and direct ' Skip ' to number 14. Or from numbers 12 and 12a new used to be 14. This phenomenon is present in many countries in the world.

Why the number 13 is considered to be a number that brings unlucky? Actually, the myth and superstition that is derived from the ancient knowledge known as Kabbalah. Kabalah is an old mystical teachings, which has the highest Magician repeated by regime the Pharaoh afterwards by the magician, magician, astrologer, psychic, and so on — especially by the Zionist-Jewish made him into one political movement — and right now, the teachings of Kabbalah has become a new trend among celebrities world.

The Jews are a people who historically are strictly kept the Cabbala. In Marseilles, southern France, this Jewish teachings of Cabbala had previously only taken down through oral and by stealth. They are also known as a people fond of fiddling with the numbers (Numerology), so they are also known as the Geometrian.

According to them, the number 13 is one of the sacred numbers that contain a variety of magical power and religious side, together with the number 11 and 666. Therefore, in various related symbols Cabbalism, they always insertion of element number 13 into it. Tarot cards, for example, that the number 13. Also playing cards, number 13 (u.s., 2-9, Jack, Queen, King).

The insertion of the symbol number 13 in human history is the coat of arms of the  US. The Seal of the
USA that consists of a two sided (Eagle and Pyramid Illuminati) loaded with the number 13. Here are the proofs:
-13 stars above the Eagle's head forms the Star David.
-13 stripes on the shield or shield of birds.
-13 olive leaves on the right foot of birds.
-13 grains of olive which protruded on the sidelines of olive leaves.
-13 arrows.
-13 arrows at the ends of hair.
-13 letters that form the phrase Annuit Coeptis ' '
-13 letters that make up the phrase ' E Pluribus Unum '
-13 layers of rock that form a pyramid.
-13 X 9 point round a star of David above the head of an eagle.

In addition to inserting the number 13 into the coat of arms, logos of large United States corporations such as McDonalds logo as well, Arbyss, Startrek.Com, Westel, and so on. Number 13 could be seen if these logos rotated vertically. Similarly, the headquarters of the Microsoft is referred to as The Double Thirteen or Double-13, according to the Microsoft logo made to resemble a window (Windows), when in fact it is the number 1313.

Uniquely, however, the number 13 scattered in a variety of forms, the American nation was apparently also considers the number 13 as the numbers that should be avoided. High buildings in America rarely use the number 13 as the floor numbers. Even in stables racing similarly numbered from the enclosure is, 12 and 12a, straight to the number 14. There is no number 13 written.

The Kabbalist highly exalt the number 13, in addition of course to other figures like number 11 and 666. This number is used in various rituals of their demons. Even a symbol of Baphomet or the head of the goat Mendez (Mendez Goat) was decorated with symbols of the 13. That is why the number 13 is considered unlucky because it figures to be a major part of the ritual of the devil.

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