7 Fantastic benefits of Tomatoes for the health of your body

The tomato is one of the fruits that are synonymous with a glowing red colour. Everyone certainly are familiar with these red fruits. Tomatoes could be eaten directly or listed to your favourite dishes of the whole family. Because tomato is one of the types of fruits, then it is not surprising if these fruits contain a variety of nutrients that are required by your body. Maybe you never realized, plum tomatoes has such powerful benefits to the body. Then, what are the fantastic benefits of tomatoes for the body's health.

A friend, health tips. The tomato is one of the relatively inexpensive festive fruit in terms of its price in the market. So not surprisingly, the tomatoes are always there in the kitchen or your refrigerator. Even so, an awful lot of content of nutrients in the glowing red fruit. Based on fact, this fruit is a great source of vitamins A, C, K, potassium, folate acit, thiamine, niacin, vitamin B6, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, and saturated fat, low in sodium, cholesterol  and calories. This consideration makes the tomato become one of the fruits that are consumed daily. His nutritional content, based on a variety of health tips would Peel the tomato benefits for the health of your body.

Here's 7 great benefits of tomatoes for the health of your body:

1. Launch and nourish digestive system. 
One of the benefirs of tomato that is a source of fibre needed by your body. So, for anyone that wants to keep the digestive system healthy and uneventful, start by taking the red fruit.

2. Protect facial skin and the skin of the body. 
In This point the source of likopen is tomatoes. Content of likopen is served by tomatoes  to prevent the damage of  skin tissue caused by the ultraviolet rays of the Sun.

3. Strengthens Bones In The Body.
Why? because, the fruit is a very good source of vitamin K which is able to prevent porous bone or better known as the osteoporosis.

4. preventing Cancer more effectively.
For those of you who want to avoid the various types of cancers such as prostate mouth, cancer, throat, stomach, ovarian cancer and colon, begin to consume the fruit such tomatoes as a daily routine. Due to the womb likopen, tomatoes is very potent in preventing many of the cancer.

5. Preventing diabetes naturally. It is able to help the balance of  blood sugar levels in one's body with its chromium in tomato fruit. So, it is more stable and will not harm the health of your body.

6. Sharp Your Eyesight. Source of vitamin A in tomatoes serves to maintain eye health and capable of sharp power see one's eyes are organs of the various objects in the vicinity.

7. Strengthen and beautify the Crown of your head. Source of vitamin A in tomatoes is able to nourish the hair and strengthens the hair from the ends up to the roots.
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