Cat is one of the most preferred pet humans. In addition to the cute, cat behavior is also very adorable. However, do you know how to take care of him? All animals have a sensitive nature to understand human beings. If you are a beginner and would like to know about how to care for cats, here are some basic tips from the
1. The kitten needs a good deal of nutrition twice larger than adult cats. Even though he needs more nutrients, it does not mean you should feed him excessively. After 5-6 weeks, gave food regularly 4 times per day.

2. do not give your dog food for cats! Dog food does not contain ta urine, cat the nutrients needed to prevent heart disease and blurred vision.

3. after 8-10 months, you can to eat food such as rice and milk House. You have to do this habit early on.

4. no need to bathe a cat on a regular basis. When the cat's fur is starting to smell, you can wash with cold water. Hot water can damage the hair and cause skin irritation in cats.

5. Brush the fur of cats on a regular basis. This can eliminate dead hair, germs and bacteria on the fur.

6. Go out and play with it. Physical activity helps the growth and development of the kitten well. Your pet will grow healthy and energetic.

7. Teach daily living habits. You can start to teach some good habits in cats such as toileting, eating, and sleeping quarters.

8. Be assertive on bad behavior. You have to be assertive on bad behavior that he pointed out. In doing so, he will understand where the good and bad.

9. The vaccination. Compulsory vaccination was carried out on a regular basis to avoid viruses and diseases. To that end, immediately consult with a veterinarian.

10. Taking care of the cleanliness of the body. You must be diligent about washing your teeth, ears, and nails of cats. Spot-this spot is very susceptible to germs and bacteria lho. If left dirty, it can cause infection and disease in cats.

Not only humans who need special care. Pets also need the same thing. So, keep your cat's hygiene on a regular basis.

Nowadays many types and brands of cat food on the market. Until the dizziness chose it. Well, here is one easy way to help you determine the choose the right cat food.

When you choose cat food, the first step to do is to read the ingredients

Aka the ingredients to make it. Read carefully the main ingredient that is contained within the FOOD.
High-quality cat food is that its main ingredient it contains chicken, or lamb, or fish and not water or rice. Because basically, cats included in the carnivores and doesn't need a lot of carbohydrates or even jelly.


The second ingredient that should be considered is the protein. Select cat food that contains a lot of protein. Avoid foods that contain high levels of "ash", because it could lead to long-term kidney disease in cats.

It should be noted that definitions such as "by-products" which means it is remnants of the processed products. For example "chicken by-products" which means food is made of parts other than the meat bones, innards, beaks, claws, comb, or feathers.

Wet or canned food is better than dry food. Is Rarely there a cat drinking too often. The cat could be at risk of kidney illness if exposed too often to eat dry food.

conventional recipe for cats in Indonesia

If you are already accustomed to making his own cat food at home, it is advisable to do this too. Because basically, the eating patterns of cats will be formed in accordance with the usual foods given his master. Although not covered in the possibility to try the online pet store, an online service such as Indonesia.

For conventional recipes are usually carried out in Indonesia, the cats were given food of boiled rice mixed with bits of fish, chicken, or meat. The side dishes were mixed and stirred. This scented rice, will make your cat eat voraciously.


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